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Welcome To My Website!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Blackberry Shortbread Bars *Updated!

These are to die for!
June 3, 2014
So, I made an interesting discovery this past weekend about unsalted butter brands. As we all know every brand of butter on the market whether it's from the local grocer's, or a wholesale restaurant supply establishment, has different amounts of butterfat, and it can be made from cow's milk, milk and cream, or just cream. A well known manufacturer of butter in California, now has a query email from me regarding the disastrous outcome of this particular recipe. I had not used their butter before as I generally purchase the butter that we use from Costco, or a local restaurant supply source. I used my original recipe of 4 parts flour mix, 1 part butter, and 1/2 part sugar with this CA butter brand. The results were horrifying! The product was so dry that it could not be pinched or pressed into a crust and have it hold together. So I had to start adding more butter one Tablespoon at a time, AND sour cream. THEN and only then did it hold together. This was quite upsetting, so I have adjusted the amount of butter and added the sour cream for YOUR recipe, and I hope you have a wonderful product in the end!
What you will see re-worked below is the old amounts in black, and the updated amounts in red. My suggestion is to start with the amounts in black as the butter you use might not need to be increased, and you might not need the sour cream. If you do need extra, add the additional butter amounts one Tablespoon at a time, and add the sour cream at the very end only if needed.
I've never baked from scratch at high altitudes so you're going to have to make further adjustments - Please let me know how your bars come out and what amounts you used, I will give you full credit here on my site. ; }

I took three different streusel bars for snack at our final dress rehearsal for the Concordia University Christmas Concerts. Needless to say they were a fanfare success! There were **plum butter and apple butter bars

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Incredible Edible Waffles!

GF Incredible Edible Waffles

I've been making GF waffles for many months now. We've tried many different recipes but we keep coming back to this one in particular. They are extremely fragrant and flavorful; crisp on the outside but tender inside.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

5 Star Cinnamon Rolls

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